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Introducing M/V Magnolia and the Good Surprise

While we enjoyed S/V Magnolia for seven years, we found our new boat in Stuart, FL - a 1997 Kadey Krogen 42 (hull #199).  This boat has good bones, but like S/V Magnolia, it needs some love and a lot of maintenance.  It sat at the dock for three years with little attention. The Captain likes to tackle big projects like refits and manages them well. With a fly bridge and pilothouse travel will be comfortable. Accommodations will be too with a saloon and two staterooms.  The galley is good-sized by boat standards.  She will allow us to add some cruising areas to our plans. So while the maintenance and refit are underway, I'll be sewing a variety of projects to make her our home.  First up...curtains. Fabrics have been negotiated and selected Read more [...]

Fun with Fender Covers

We’ve done a man overboard drill with a fender that accidentally went overboard in the Charleston Harbor and lost one in a Gulf Stream crossing.  Fun with fenders.  For all the pounding they take protecting our boat hull from those pilings, piers,  and other  boats we should treat them well.  Sew fender covers for them! I’ve seen a variety of fender covers for sale from about $15 to $100 (engraved with your boat name!).  To save money, I’ve made fender covers from fleece purchased at the local fabric store for under $10 per yard (JoAnn Fabric had it on sale for $4/yard).  It takes about a yard to make a fender cover (less if it's 60" width fabric).  And it is really a beginner project that any Seamless Sailor can whip out Read more [...]

Cover It Up – Sailrite Cover

To err is human... This post is one of the ongoing series of cover projects.  We moved my Sailrite aboard Magnolia into prime real estate on the "workbench" in the passageway leading aft.  The Captain again suggested  a cover.  Ok, no problem.  A cover with an opening for the handle. Away I went with extra Sunbrella I had on hand.  I measured the lid (note that I said lid) at least three times using the rule of measure three times, cut once.  This is where I confess to my mistake.  Also note that I made this cover several week ago and I can only now write about it.  I was so mad at myself for the mistake I am about to admit to that I snapped at the Captain.  I really try not to do that. So back to the story.  I made the Read more [...]
Sailrite LSZ-1

Sewing Machine for Your Sailboat?

I'm hearing from several folks looking to buy heavier sewing machines.  It can be a big investment, yet one that will likely pay for itself*.  A sewing machine is a great tool for the boat.  Like the Porter Cable  multi tool or cordless drill.  I was surprised when my husband  said I'd be sewing for the boat.  Who knew how much canvas was aboard? He was in full agreement with buying a heavier sewing machine.  While a good seamstress or fabricator is a valuable professional to have on speed dial, there are many projects you can do yourself.  So the right tool is worth the investment. Yes, I have a Sailrite Ultrafeed LSZ-1 (zigzag). I do like it and use it a lot. It is heavy as it has mainly metal parts (44lbs). It's bit loud, Read more [...]
The Team Aboard Magoiliaa

Countdown – 10 Things I’m Glad We Invested In

Countdown - 10 Things I'm Glad We Invested In These are mostly Seamless Sailor related but then I can argue that anything that contributes to our improved life aboard counts as a great investment.  Here's our list of things that have been worth investing some money into.  These items have improved our time on the water.  What would be on your list of worthy tools and investments for the boat? 10.  Metal T-square and heavy duty scissors for patterning and engineering marine canvas projects 9.  Hot knife for sealing marine canvas edges 8.  Porter Cable multi tool - It was actually a gift. 7.  Wireless booster 6.  Freezer - We made our second box into a full freezer space. 5.  Settees recovered in Ultraleather 4.  Rocna anchor Read more [...]

Sunbrella – Grade A

Marine canvas use isn't all the same.  So when you are looking at prices online be sure you are looking at the same fabric before you decide you have the best deal.  You also want the right fabric for the right job for the best performance and durability with exposure to the sun, wind and rain.  Most of us sailors use Sunbrella because, well,  it just works.  It is tough enough for our marine environment, but offers a variety of color and style choices.  It is fairly forgiving and easy to sew.  While there are other outdoor fabric brands to consider, we'll save that comparison for a future post. Here are some points to consider regarding the grades of Sunbrella most likely to be used aboard: Sunbrella Marine grade - This is Read more [...]