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Screen Out the Bugs – Port Lights and Hatches

We had a bad case of the flies in July in the Bay.  It took several days to get them all.  But, we got them!  Now how to avoid those buggers in the future?  My sailing friends know that I've complained about flies before and haven't had a good solution for our boat.  Our 1990 Morgan 44 didn't come with screens on the plastic-frame portlights.  I envy my friends with the lovely stainless portlights with screens built in.  But, you can't have it all. Boats are about compromise. I looked at marine consignment shops for screens and found some, but none were right.  I thought of a couple of ideas for working with old screens and those ideas didn't cut it. They had gaps or wouldn't stay in place. I decided to try the stiff plastic mesh canvas Read more [...]

Mesh Snorkel Back Pack – Time for the Beach

I wanted a bag to carry all my sandy snorkeling and beach paraphernalia.  Last year during hikes to snorkel sites in the Exumas I didn’t have a light bag to throw over my shoulders to lug my fins and mask, bottle of water and towel. It would be a bonus if the bag would handle wet, sandy items on  the return trip. We have a dry pack but I didn’t want to have to deal with getting sand out of it.  So, with some extra mesh fabric and Phifertex Plus I came up with a fairly simple back pack design with a drawstring top. If I were to remake it, I’d make the shoulder straps adjustable.  You might find that Phifertex than Phifertex Plus used for the 10” base would be fine if not maybe a bit better for managing sand.  I used materials Read more [...]
Double-Sided Line Bag

Double-Sided Line Bag

The Captain requested a new line bag to hang off the boom attachments.  You know for reefing and outhaul lines.  The bag needed to be sturdy and be able to stand up to weather.  He requested a 14” square bag with pockets on both sides.  Here’s what I came up with. Materials: Phifertex Plus Mesh 1” Webbing 1" Binding D Rings or Buckles Tools: Binder clips Seamstick tape Binder attachment (optional) Instructions: - Measure size of backing panel and add an 1” for seams. Cut 2 out of Phifertex Plus.  Measure and cut 2 panels out of the mesh the same size.   Measure and cut sides and bottom out of mesh 3” wide plus an 1” for seams.  Cut enough for both sides of the bag so you have two pockets.   Read more [...]