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Cover the Cables

The Captain is upgrading our electrical shore power cables. Considering the small investment in the cables (although the value of any fire safety improvement is unquestioned), we want to cover the cables to reduce the potential detrimental impact of sun, weather and dirt on the cables.  So another Sunbrella cover. First a bit about the cables…We bought the SmartPlug cables at Defender during their annual warehouse sale in April. These cables are supposed to be safer because they have 20 times more cross-section connector area than traditional marine power plugs which were designed in the 1930s.  The design should reduce the chance of overheating and fire. The plug connector allows an easier snap-in connection rather than the older threaded Read more [...]
Sailrite LSZ-1

Sewing Notions List

So, you've got your sewing machine aboard.  Do you have what you need to get your project started and completed?  Wonder what to take on board or if you've forgotten something?  Here's a list of the items I use most. Tools Hot knife or soldering tool - Essential for finishing the ends of Sunbrella to prohibit raveling.  Don't forget a safe surface to use it on.  See secret trick. Heavy-duty scissors, fabric shears and small thread cutter - Like knives to a chef, scissors are to the Seamless Sailor. Measuring tools, "L" and "T" shaped measuring tools - These measures are great for making patterns.  Also need a short measure for at the sewing machine and metal yard stick. Marking pens - light and dark.  The washable ones work well Read more [...]

Jerry Can Covers

March 2014 - Updated post on jerry cans here. Once you've found the best jerry can* to store extra water and fuels, you want to protect them from the sun and elements as they wait their turn to provide us with the reserves they hold.  Enter the canvas cover.  We'll be making covers for so many things on the boat.  This is a good basic project - no zippers or complex patterning.  It's an upside down tote bag or box.  Sides and a top.  Make a plan and think it through before cutting.  Disclaimer:  I haven't made these myself yet but I've been reading up on them as they are in my near future.  This is based on information from Canvas for Cruisers and other references and experience. You need about 1-2 yards of Sunbrella or similar Read more [...]
Hatch cover repair materials

Hatch Covers

If you are a new Seamless Sailor and want to start with a fairly easy project, I'd suggest hatch covers. These are straight forward and several of the books I've listed on the Books page of the blog have instructions.   I've seen many different styles, some with fancy top-stitching or cut outs for hinges for example.  But really you can make  simple hatch covers that will serve the purpose of protecting your very valuable hatch lenses.  We seem to loose one or two a season during a big storm.  I've started cutting out an extra one when I'm remaking one so I have a jump on the next one. On a recent repair of a 20 x 20 hatch cover, I picked out the old rotting stitches.  I used my Engel hot knife (love) to seal the edges which were Read more [...]