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Cover the Cables

The Captain is upgrading our electrical shore power cables. Considering the small investment in the cables (although the value of any fire safety improvement is unquestioned), we want to cover the cables to reduce the potential detrimental impact of sun, weather and dirt on the cables.  So another Sunbrella cover. First a bit about the cables…We bought the SmartPlug cables at Defender during their annual warehouse sale in April. These cables are supposed to be safer because they have 20 times more cross-section connector area than traditional marine power plugs which were designed in the 1930s.  The design should reduce the chance of overheating and fire. The plug connector allows an easier snap-in connection rather than the older threaded Read more [...]

Fun with Fender Covers

We’ve done a man overboard drill with a fender that accidentally went overboard in the Charleston Harbor and lost one in a Gulf Stream crossing.  Fun with fenders.  For all the pounding they take protecting our boat hull from those pilings, piers,  and other  boats we should treat them well.  Sew fender covers for them! I’ve seen a variety of fender covers for sale from about $15 to $100 (engraved with your boat name!).  To save money, I’ve made fender covers from fleece purchased at the local fabric store for under $10 per yard (JoAnn Fabric had it on sale for $4/yard).  It takes about a yard to make a fender cover (less if it's 60" width fabric).  And it is really a beginner project that any Seamless Sailor can whip out Read more [...]

Sport-A-Seat Covers–Save Your Seat

Extending the life of pricey cockpit seats can save you money.  These Sport-a-Seats aren’t cheap, but they are worth it for your comfort on a voyage.  There isn’t a lot of sewing in this seat cover project, but there is plenty of planning. This is a good beginner project. The idea for this project came from Good Old Boat magazine which had an article entitled “Protection in Plaid” by Don Casey (March/April 2014 issue, page 46).  If you don’t have the magazine or don’t subscribe, you can buy a back copy for $8. (It’s not appropriate to reprint the article since it is their copy-written content.)  It’s worth the price for this project as he has very good details and graphics showing the design layout. I had ideas Read more [...]

A Junior Seamless Sailor Sews a BBQ Cover

During a recent wind storm, the Captain woke to say he left the canvas barbeque cover out on the aft deck after barbequing our favorite rosemary pork loin. Cover presumed gone. Oops.  New BBQ cover needed.  He suggested that it sounded like an opportunity for him to learn how to sew.  Since we were laid up for a day or so at anchor till the blustery 25 knot winds passed, it seemed like as good a time as any to have a teachable moment.  Fortunately we stock a few yards of Sunbrella on board and at the ready. The Captain came up with the measurements and plan. A round base with sides and a casing at the top.  Nothing fancy. The design was presented at Preliminary Design Review (PDR) and Critical Design Review (CDR) level reviews* and ultimately Read more [...]

Stand Up Paddle Board Cover

Seamless Sailor is pleased to present a guest post by Carolyn Shearlock of The Boat Galley and co-author of The Boat Galley Cookbook.   Carolyn and her husband, Dave, recently bought a catamaran, Barefoot Girl.  In her travels she takes her iSUP stand up paddle board with her.  In true Seamless Sailor style she jumped in to solve the problem of how to store and transport the board in a workable cover.  With some creativity and sewing know how she tackled this cover.  Love the solution and so will you if you have a SUP!  Thanks, Carolyn. I got a request for how I made the bag to take my Tower Xplorer SUP on a plane. The board is just barely inside the limits for not having to pay oversize fees on most airlines, so a bag that Read more [...]

You Can Make an Easy Hatch Cover

Hatch covers add a nice protective layer to your expensive overhead hatches.  They keep out sun or star light and might even help a bit deterring a little leak.  Lexan polycarbonate windows are expensive and can be damaged if not cared for.  A cover is a good way to help preserve these windows.  Unfortunately,  we seem to lose one or two covers a season to a bad storm or rotting shock cord.  You can make an easy hatch cover in just a few hours.   I remade an old hatch cover previously and wrote about how I did it and resources I used here.  This blog is about making a hatch cover from scratch.  I've included the sizes I used  for our hatches.  You can adapt your hatch cover easily based on these sizes and proportions.  Read more [...]