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Getting Dirty About Laundry

OK, maybe the title should be “airing my dirty laundry”. Living aboard a sailboat as vagabonds we don’t have a washer.  I only know a few folks who have a washer on board. Yet I love having the laundry done. When it’s just the two of us on passage, well, let’s say we wear clothes longer than we would if we were back in civilization (sound familiar?!). I haven't gone to strictly doing laundry aboard. There are several things about laundry that cause me consternation – where to store it, lugging it to a laundromat, dealing with people in laundromats, and the cost.  I should add that the Captain is usually very helpful with the laundry process, either lugging or helping put clothes away.  Here are some of my thoughts on laundry, Read more [...]