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Cap It – Teak Cap Rail Covers

After you spend a lot of time or a lot of money on teak cap rail brightwork -- sanding, varnishing wood -- you want to show them off as they shine in the sun.  Folks come by the dock admiring your shiny cap rails and “oh and ah”.  But wait.  You’ve just invested your time or money to get them that bright and shiny.  How long do you want them to stay that way?  A good while, right?  Sun with its UV threat will have its way with your teak.  You might consider canvas covers, at least while the boat is not in use at the dock.  We saw these cap rail covers in a Charleston marina.  Pretty nice, huh? Notice that Magnolia doesn’t have these covers – yet. A few references that might be of help: -- In a Sailrite forum Read more [...]