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The good linens

A Little List of Linens

Originally published as a guest post on The Boat Galley, February 20, 2013 What linens do you need to provision for use in the galley, clean up, and dining?  While you can buy linens, they may not be exactly what you want or your style.  It's not hard to make your own linens for your boat. Besides it's a great way to save some money.  Practical and self-sufficient. That's the essence of being a Seamless Sailor. Here is a checklist eight types of linens that every Seamless Sailor should consider having in inventory. 1.. Kitchen towels - I like to have plenty of these - a fresh one every day or so depending on how much cooking we are doing.  Any inexpensive bar or kitchen towel will do.  No need to use paper towels all the time.  Read more [...]

From the Annapolis Boat Show 2012

This comes under the category of a bipolar sewing-related and un-related blog post.  Fun at the Boat Show... Sailrite - I meant to take a picture of me talking to Matt Grant, but I forgot!  Darn. He was gracious to take a few minutes to chat while the booth was almost packed.  I made my suggestion of needle faceplate with measurements engraved on it.  He acknowledged that home sewing machines often have that feature.  But he feels that Sailrite machines are in the industrial category which wouldn't have measurements there.   OK I made my case.  (It could offered as an added option!)  Thanks for hearing me out, Matt!  He sold me the three piece kit with the larger magnetic fabric guide, the new thread spool holder and stitch length Read more [...]