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Pillows are an easy sewing project.  They can be very simple or dressed up a bit.  Where would you want to add a bit of color and comfort? Start with your pillow form. What size do you want?  14" is small but cute.  20" is a good larger size. Maybe you want some in between or odd sizes? Joanne's Fabrics and Sailrite offer nice pillow forms.  Do you have serviceable pillows you could recover?  Or do you want a pillow sham that you can stuff with extra linens or clothes?  The captain requested one pillow cover for storing his down coat. What about a pillow made of old sailcloth for cockpit lounging? Are you going to sew in the pillow form or make a cover that you can take off easily?  You can easily make an envelope-style pillow Read more [...]

Sunbrella – Grade A

Marine canvas use isn't all the same.  So when you are looking at prices online be sure you are looking at the same fabric before you decide you have the best deal.  You also want the right fabric for the right job for the best performance and durability with exposure to the sun, wind and rain.  Most of us sailors use Sunbrella because, well,  it just works.  It is tough enough for our marine environment, but offers a variety of color and style choices.  It is fairly forgiving and easy to sew.  While there are other outdoor fabric brands to consider, we'll save that comparison for a future post. Here are some points to consider regarding the grades of Sunbrella most likely to be used aboard: Sunbrella Marine grade - This is Read more [...]

Five Tips Every Seamless Sailor Should Know About Canvas On Her Boat!

Originally appeared as a guest post for Women and Cruising Blog - October 18, 2012 Anyone else have canvas on her boat? Yes?! I do.  Lots of it. Big and small.  Canvas is important protective covering for your boat. It saves you money and time by protecting teak from the sun, keeping dirt out of your winches and instruments, and keeping you cool at anchor. Can you guess how many different canvas items you have on board? Quick without looking.  I counted 20+ unique items with some items having multiples in use at any given time on our Morgan sailboat, Magnolia.  That doesn't count functional and decorative fabrics below.  And I have plans to add more canvas on my growing sewing projects list! How many unique canvas items can you Read more [...]

Jerry Can Covers

March 2014 - Updated post on jerry cans here. Once you've found the best jerry can* to store extra water and fuels, you want to protect them from the sun and elements as they wait their turn to provide us with the reserves they hold.  Enter the canvas cover.  We'll be making covers for so many things on the boat.  This is a good basic project - no zippers or complex patterning.  It's an upside down tote bag or box.  Sides and a top.  Make a plan and think it through before cutting.  Disclaimer:  I haven't made these myself yet but I've been reading up on them as they are in my near future.  This is based on information from Canvas for Cruisers and other references and experience. You need about 1-2 yards of Sunbrella or similar Read more [...]