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Five Tips Every Seamless Sailor Should Know About Canvas On Her Boat!

Originally appeared as a guest post for Women and Cruising Blog - October 18, 2012 Anyone else have canvas on her boat? Yes?! I do.  Lots of it. Big and small.  Canvas is important protective covering for your boat. It saves you money and time by protecting teak from the sun, keeping dirt out of your winches and instruments, and keeping you cool at anchor. Can you guess how many different canvas items you have on board? Quick without looking.  I counted 20+ unique items with some items having multiples in use at any given time on our Morgan sailboat, Magnolia.  That doesn't count functional and decorative fabrics below.  And I have plans to add more canvas on my growing sewing projects list! How many unique canvas items can you Read more [...]

Cool in the Shade? Awnings!

It was our sailing club's 30th anniversary party this weekend in Annapolis. Happy Birthday Pentagon Sailing Club! So we had a land and sea cruise with a big bash. Some folks went on for a week on the Chesapeake Bay. We had iffy weather, but somehow the rain squalls came at times that didn't interrupt the partying or time on the water. While we were at Port Annapolis Marina (very nice), we took our dinghies around Back Creek. Lovely homes, lovely boats. So my husband says let's dinghy over to look at this beautiful red yacht. OK, I love red boats. I've thought so ever since we saw one in BVI with the most handsome crew of men in blue shorts and crisp white polos but I digress further. What does this have to do with sewing for boats? The reason Read more [...]