Sport-A-Seat Covers–Part II

Exuberant's Seat Covers
Exuberant’s Seat Covers

You’ll recall a recent post on my Sport-A-Seat cover project.  About the same time our friend, Prue Preston on Exuberant, was planning to do the same project.  We each had different approaches so we thought we’d see what worked best from each attempt.  Prue did an excellent job and gets high marks for fit and finish.  She admits to some cursing and seam ripping but don’t we all!

Prue selected this lively stripe from several very nice Sunbrella swatches to go with their recently redone cockpit cushions and the boat’s color scheme.  They have a very pleasant Hylas cockpit used, besides the obvious passage-making, for happy hours and late morning Christmas mimosas (in champagne flutes no less).

She did a great lay out to maximize the stripe pattern.  She rounded each of the four corners and added a side handle similar to the original handles.

Prue also decided to make the opening at the back of the hinge with about a 2-3” overlap.  So it is one long piece of fabric folding around the top and bottom and meeting in the middle of the back of the seat.  There is a 1″ pleat by the hinge on the backside to allow enough fabric to accommodate the bending of the seat. When flattened, the pleat takes up the excess fabric. The closure is 2″ Velcro which allows flexibility in the overlap and for a tight fit (she hand tacked the last side part of the closure).  I think it made for a nice fit. To put the cover on, she ratchets the seat in the folded position and slides both ends on at the same time (think of a “V”).

Opening at hinge
Opening at the back hinge area

There is a small bit of extra fabric at the inside hinge when the seat is up.  My seats have the same issue.  It tucks under nicely so not a big issue.  I suppose the only way to reduce this bit of extra fabric is to use a stretchy-type fabric so that it has more give.

For comfort and decoration Prue made box cushion covers with rope piping for their throwables. Again with Velcro closure on one side (or band or boxing) panel. (They will remove the covers when heading out underway in case they have to go from decorative pillow to MOB throwable.) These are similar to the hatch cover pillow project.

Velcro closure solution
Velcro closure solution
Throwables cover
Throwables cover

The cover for the seats and pillows are a lovely addition to their cockpit.  They inspire me to try some edits to my covers. Thanks for sharing and well done, Seamless Sailor!

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