Solar Panels – Part III

Our latest and hopefully final approach to installing our flexible solar panels is a  semi-permanent mounting on the bimini.  We didn’t want a permanent installation to the bimini and tried several alternative options (see Part I and  Part II).

Solar panels at work while rafted in Vero Beach, FL

The Captain bought two additional flexible panels this summer, so there are six 100 watt  panels on three canvas backs.  I redid the canvas backings on the old two panels and made a new backing for the third. The canvas backs have grommets with plastic screws and washers holding the panels to the canvas.


Panels tied to enclosure safety handrails
Panels tied to enclosure safety handrails

Now the panels are on the bimini and tied down to the enclosure safety handles (which I think are one of the best improvements we made to our enclosure). With the boom pulled to the side when we are at anchor we get very good solar energy, often “obtaining float” by mid-day on a full sun day.  So far so good.  With the new watermaker we are reducing our footprint and close to being “off the grid.”

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