Other Sewing Blogs

Weblogs by savvy seamless sailors that I admire

Monkey Fist (http://themonkeysfist.blogspot.com/2013/08/canvas-DIY-for-boats.html) Moderated collection of sewing blogs

Windfall (http://hotspur41.blogspot.mx/2013/12/monster-project-making-dinghy-chaps.html) Dinghy chaps, oh my!

Troubadour (http://sailingtroubadour.blogspot.com/p/lindas-sewing-projects.html) – Linda has great pictures and advice.  Update:  Linda’s cushion project:  https://plus.google.com/photos/117931408173500903182/albums/5835122271494328977?banner=pwa

Gallant Fox (http://svgallantfox.typepad.com/sv_gallant_fox/sewing_projects_aboard/) – Great discussion of cruising sewing projects

Life Afloat (http://lifeafloatarchives.blogspot.com/2011/09/cinderella-gets-new-ball-gown.html)

Ephemera (http://ephemera11.wordpress.com/sewing-at-sea/)

Ruth’s Canvas Modifications on a MacGregor 26 (http://purplesagetradingpost.com/sumner/macgregor-canvas/canvas-index.html) – She really has quite a set up for sewing

Free Radical (http://www.svfreeradical.com/technical_talk_sewing_supplies.htm) – Great list of sewing supplies to have on board.  She also wrote Canvas for Cruisers

Dream Time (http://www.svdreamtime.com/sewing_projects.html)

Stella Blue (http://www.wbryant.com/StellaBoat/Projects/canvas/canvas.htm)

C’est la Vie (http://sv-cestlavie.blogspot.com/?view=classic) – See Jeff’s  September 6, 2012 post of his paddle board bag made from sail cloth. Smart use of sails.  He sails a Morgan too!

Frugal Mariner (http://www.frugal-mariner.com/Canvas_Care.html) – Great info on canvas care.

Orion (http://orion-morgan41.blogspot.com/search/label/sewing) – Fun projects aboard – flags, rain catcher, etc


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  1. 2 Twin sheet sets work great for V berth and 3 twin sheet sets for (original sized cushions) aft king berth on Morgan Out Island 41. I also made V berth spread using a recycled king spread. It came out very nice.

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