A Legendary Voyage Becomes an Extraordinary Story

Can you imagine sailing from Germany to America in 1854 on a clipper ship?

The New Era

No comforts of a soft warm berth, healthy provisions, nor clean water?  Leaving behind everything familiar for the unfamiliar new world?  No chartplotter, no depth sounder?  After weeks you  see land and then the unimaginable happens.

Patricia Morningstar recently published a compelling Kindle ebook novella – The Legendary Voyage of Jacob W.:  An Immigrant Story.   It is a historical novel based in part on a true story of sailing to America on the ill-fated ship, The New Era. The descriptive prose brings life to a family legend.  The story is told at a family picnic in 1910 in Jacob’s voice reflecting back to a defining point in this young man’s life.  This tragic event deepens his convictions and sets a moral compass for his life and the generations that follow.

Check out Patricia Morningstar’s new ebook at Amazon.  Oh yes, Jacob was my great, great grandfather and Patricia is my sister!


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