How Many Marine Canvas Items Do You Have Aboard?

Ladder cover and dinghy cover
Ladder cover and dinghy cover

You can use this checklist for items to maintain or for ideas of things you might want to make for your boat.  What would you add to the list?


1. Jib Sail sacrificial cover

2. Main Sail cover or stack pack

3. Line bags

4. Dinghy cover or chaps

5. Teak ladder cover

6. Lifesling cover replacement

7. Horseshoe buoy cover

8. Cockpit cushion covers and pillows

9. Binnacle and compass covers

10. Winch covers

11. Jerry can covers

12. Hatch covers and screens

13.  Companionway cover

14. Wind scoops

15. House burgee or courtesy flags

16. Bimini or enclosure

17. Awning

18. Fender covers

19. Cockpit organizer

20. Covers for “toys” – paddle boards and kayaks

21. BBQ cover or bag

22. Teak handhold covers

23. Flag or tiller cover

24. Outboard engine cover

Below Deck

1. Curtains – port light and work space

2. Settee cushions and pillows

3. Lee cloths

4. Berth spreads, duvet covers, pillow covers, and throws

5. Sheets

6. Hatch pillows

7. Table and kitchen linens

8. Swiffer cleaner pads – washable and resusable

9. Pockets for hanging or storing stuff

10. Chart cover

11. Computer or tablet cover

12. Apron

13. Totes or provisioning bags

14. Vanity tray (to control fiddle clutter)

15. Tool bag, belt tool holder

16. Cover for companionway hatch boards

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