The Team Aboard Magoiliaa

Countdown – 10 Things I’m Glad We Invested In

Countdown – 10 Things I’m Glad We Invested In

These are mostly Seamless Sailor related but then I can argue that anything that contributes to our improved life aboard counts as a great investment.  Here’s our list of things that have been worth investing some money into.  These items have improved our time on the water.  What would be on your list of worthy tools and investments for the boat?

The Team Aboard Magoiliaa
The Team Aboard Magnolia

10.  Metal T-square and heavy duty scissors for patterning and engineering marine canvas projects

9.  Hot knife for sealing marine canvas edges

8.  Porter Cable multi tool – It was actually a gift.

7.  Wireless booster

6.  Freezer – We made our second box into a full freezer space.

5.  Settees recovered in Ultraleather

4.  Rocna anchor – The captain sleeps better!

3.  Bimini and enclosure

2.  Sailrite LSZ1 sewing machine and accessories

1.  Us! – our sailing education

5 thoughts on “Countdown – 10 Things I’m Glad We Invested In

  1. I like your list. I would be interested to hear your list of unique ways to utilize small spaces that no one would ever think of. I find visiting Magnolia fascinating as I am a non salvor so everything is new and novel! You let me in to a whole new world

  2. We probably should have added an 11th item – our rigging and chain plate inspection and overhaul.

  3. Annette, I also agree with your 1, 2, 3, 5 ,7 and 9. We look forward to seeing how our Bad Boy, which is our wireless booster, works this coming trip. One thing I’m glad that we bought is the VHF radio with AIS. Didn’t have the first trip and I’m sure I’ll love it for this one. I wish I had room for a freezer, but can’t have everything right?

    Take care,


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