Cover It Up – Sailrite Cover

To err is human…

This post is one of the ongoing series of cover projects.  We moved my Sailrite aboard Magnolia into prime real estate on the “workbench” in the passageway leading aft.  The Captain again suggested  a cover.  Ok, no problem.  A cover with an opening for the handle.

Sailrite Cover
Sailrite Cover

Away I went with extra Sunbrella I had on hand.  I measured the lid (note that I said lid) at least three times using the rule of measure three times, cut once.  This is where I confess to my mistake.  Also note that I made this cover several week ago and I can only now write about it.  I was so mad at myself for the mistake I am about to admit to that I snapped at the Captain.  I really try not to do that.

So back to the story.  I made the cover which is basically a fabric box and put it on the lid.  It looked perfect.  I show it to the Captain who supervises quality control.  He innocently said, “Did you mean not to cover the base?”  I froze.  What a ditz.  I hadn’t measured the lid and base together.  UGH!  (On my Singer the case covers the base but wrong machine.)  I was so mad at myself.  What to do.  The Captain started to make a suggestion which is when the aforementioned snapping occurred.  I think it surprised him too.  So I sat and stewed in my anger for many minutes.  I thought this job was DONE.  But nooo.

On to the fix.  I didn’t want to take out the hem and I didn’t want to re-hem another time. Enough time on this easy project.

Solution:  I had a scrap of Shelter-Rite just the right size.  I added the Shelter-Rite to cover the base.  Actually, I think it ended up making some sense to guard against chafe of things banging the base in the workbench.  So. that’s the explanation behind the mixed material Sunbrella and Shelter-Rite cover.

I suppose I could have just written that I had planned to used both materials.  But that wouldn’t have been quite true.

Do you have any sewing confessions?  I hope not, but Seamless Sailors are human.


Here’s how I made the cover:

Measure the entire cover height, length and depth plus a scosh (not just the lid).  Two sides, two ends, and the top. Allow for 1/2″ side seams by adding 1″ to width and length.  Cut Sunbrella and seal with a hot knife.

The top needs an opening for the handle.   Measure the placement of the handle and add and inch around each side for the measurement.  Cut and sew on a facing (extra fabric piece about an inch larger with edges sealed by hot knife too) to cover opening size. You can use Seamstick double-sided tape to hold it in place while sewing it down. Mark and carefully cut down the middle and diagonally into the corners.  Turn under and sew around the edge.

Sew top to sides and ends.  Leave 1/2″ open at the ends to help when sewing the side seams.  Sew side seams.  Hem.  Add webbing straps. Measure and add snaps.  This was my first time using the SnapRite die set.  They worked very well after we figured out the rivet gun.

Sailrite in its new place of honor.
Sailrite in its new place of honor.

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