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Cover the Cables

The Captain is upgrading our electrical shore power cables. Considering the small investment in the cables (although the value of any fire safety improvement is unquestioned), we want to cover the cables to reduce the potential detrimental impact of sun, weather and dirt on the cables.  So another Sunbrella cover. First a bit about the cables…We bought the SmartPlug cables at Defender during their annual warehouse sale in April. These cables are supposed to be safer because they have 20 times more cross-section connector area than traditional marine power plugs which were designed in the 1930s.  The design should reduce the chance of overheating and fire. The plug connector allows an easier snap-in connection rather than the older threaded Read more [...]

What’s In Your…Ditch Bag?

We put together Magnolia's abandon ship ditch bag before we left last fall.  It all started when we had taken our Switlik life raft in to be re-certified by Vane Brothers in Baltimore, Maryland last summer  They confirmed that while it was an older, well made life raft, it should be “condemned” because the glue on the seams was deteriorating among other things.  We inherited this life raft with the boat  so it was time and we weren’t really surprised.   (It was interesting to see the life raft deployed in their work space. ) We ended up buying a new Revere 4 person life raft.  We consider it an insurance policy type of expense.  It came with some basic necessities so we set up a ditch bag with additional items. I recently Read more [...]