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Practical Patterning

I haven't found any patterns for sale for projects I'm sewing for the boat.  There's no Vogue or Simplicity book of patterns to select from offering patterns with instructions.  That's how I learned to sew - using a pattern - along with a variety of sewing classes and friends and mentors.  There are some great books out there with ideas and directions - some better than others.  Maybe you are lucky to have the old item to take apart to make a  pattern.  Even then fabric stretches out and may not fit right anymore.  This is different, this sewing for the boat.  There is a bit of engineering involved.  Maybe even a bit of McGyver involved.  So I'm getting better at patterning, with much help from my engineer husband of course.  Read more [...]

Solar Panels–You Light Up My Life

While in George Town, Exuma the Captain attended a beach seminar on batteries and energy power for the boat.  A lot of cruisers attended and the seminar created a lot of buzz.  By the time we arrived George Town we hadn’t been in a marina for several weeks.  Not a big deal,  saved us money and no docking “events.”  You get the drill, but not being in a marina also means our battery bank had not been “topped up” via shore power – ugh.  So the discussion at the seminar was all about how to “love” on your batteries.  Maintaining them is important.  Not that I can technically explain it, but over time you need to fully charge the batteries and the last percentage is the hardest to add.  The Captain came back from the beach Read more [...]
Sailrite LSZ-1

Sewing Notions List

So, you've got your sewing machine aboard.  Do you have what you need to get your project started and completed?  Wonder what to take on board or if you've forgotten something?  Here's a list of the items I use most. Tools Hot knife or soldering tool - Essential for finishing the ends of Sunbrella to prohibit raveling.  Don't forget a safe surface to use it on.  See secret trick. Heavy-duty scissors, fabric shears and small thread cutter - Like knives to a chef, scissors are to the Seamless Sailor. Measuring tools, "L" and "T" shaped measuring tools - These measures are great for making patterns.  Also need a short measure for at the sewing machine and metal yard stick. Marking pens - light and dark.  The washable ones work well Read more [...]
The Better Bucket

The Better Bucket

Seamless Sailor is delighted to provide this guest post by Lin and Larry Pardey – world cruisers, authors, and speakers. They inspire other cruisers by generously sharing their experience and knowledge.  I love how Lin and Larry find just the right solution in self-reliant Seamless Sailor style. Here's one solution that all Seamless Sailors can use... By Lin and Larry Pardey© From – The Cost Conscious Cruiser THE BETTER BUCKET It is such a simple chore, lifting water from the sea. Seems like any old bucket should work. But at sea, nothing is ever that simple. You’ve just caught a glowing, leaping, 18-pound mahi-mahi (dorado). Your luck holds and you land it flapping, glorious gold and royal blue. The battle over, the fish subdued, Read more [...]

Duvet Covers

Here's some tips for making a duvet cover for your boat. 1. Look at the shape of your mattress and find the closest standard size to start.  We are fortunate that our mattress on board is pretty close to a full size.  The foot cuts in a bit but not too much.  The chart will help determine the amount of fabric needed.  You may want to take the boat mattress and make a pattern out of brown paper or an inexpensive shower curtain that way you can account for any odd angles.  Allow about 12"of overhang depending on how deep your mattress is, how much space you have on the side of the berth or if you are going to tuck the coverunder the mattress.  (You see that a lot on those big fancy yachts!) NOTE:  The above chart is for one side.  Read more [...]

Boat Bed Sheets – Ban the Wrinkles!

I really dislike wrinkles in my bed sheets.  A lot.  The captain thinks it's a bit funny considering I'm not as much of a neat freak as he'd like generally.  But when it comes to the sheets, I don't mess around.  And what a pain to make a boat bed only to be left with a mess as you crawl off the mattress when you are done. Even with our center line aft berth you still have to crawl around to make up the head of the bed first not much easier than the v berth.  (Or some mornings make the bed while you are still in it.) Some say let it be.  You're on a boat.  Who cares?  Well this boat is my home when I'm there.  We make the bed at our land-based home every day so why not on our boat home too?  Having a comfy, nicely made bed is a nice Read more [...]