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It All Started with…Toast

It all started with the Captain’s morning toasted bagel, his usual breakfast.  I have used my Force 10 broiler for his toast since we moved aboard in September 2013 almost daily.  (The Force 10 Gourmet Galley two burner range model #63251 with an electronic (momentary) ignition was installed new June 2013.)  The toasting process started getting longer, then the electric broiler igniter was working sporadically. I could light it with a butane lighter. Then it stopped.  No toast.  Yes, I know I can toast in a dry skillet. Or use a “camp-type” toaster, which we tried – it works ok, but it’s a hot tool sitting atop the stove – not my preference for underway use - although the Captain likes it.  Those were options, but I wanted Read more [...]

Curtains As Individual As Your Boat

Tammy Swart on Dos Libras has been working on curtains for her boat.  As we exchanged notes about her project she pointed out that boats are so different and you have to figure out what works for your boat when it comes to curtain installation.  So check out how she did hers in her blog post on "Things we did today".  Her simple and smart solution may surprise you. In a previous post I provided a few ideas how others had created boat curtains. I think that's the fun part of doing a project like curtains.  You can personalize them to make your boat your home.  I used curtain tracks and installed tabs in the curtain edges for the curtains on Magnolia. Don't forget - There is a Seamless Sailor Pinterest board for boat curtains here Read more [...]

Fabrics Along the Way – Androsia Fabric

I enjoy finding new and unique fabrics during our travels and first wrote a post about "fabrics along the way" here. When we were in the Bahamas last winter I fell in love with the iconic Androsia hand-crafted batik fabrics designed and made exclusively in the Bahamas on the island of Andros.  These cotton fabrics just speak to me saying, "You're in the Bahamas, mon!" and instantly transport you there.  You can buy the fabric by the yard and find many items of clothing and household items made of these colorful fabrics at stores throughout the islands.  I knew I had to have some of this fabric.  I had passed it up on a previous Bahamas cruise.  Now how to choose which fabric and what to make?  Why not pillows to perk up the saloon. Read more [...]

Lee Cloths – Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Lee cloths seem like an easy project…a rectangle and some grommets right?  But wait,  how will the lee cloth really work to provide a restful spot during an overnight voyage?  Will it be strong enough and positioned to hold the person off watch as desired?  This blog post will give ideas on what to consider when planning an off watch sleeping berth and construction ideas. Magnolia inherited a set of very nice canvas lee cloths.  The corners have webbing reinforcements to strengthen them as well as heavy rings as attachment points.  There is webbing on each side edge and down the middle for some stability.  While I didn’t make these, we had to reinstall the starboard settee one after the removal of a fuel tank located under the Read more [...]

Mosquito Screens

This guest post is by Tammy Swart reprinted with permission from her blog "What We Did Today".  She is a wonderful Seamless Sailor taking on a variety of sewing projects aboard Dos Libras.  She just dives right in to design solutions on their Morgan 45 sailboat.  And she does a nice job of documenting her work.  Here she's sharing her post on keepin' the bugs out so that Seamless Sailors can benefit from her work. Thanks, Tammy!   Mosquito Screens - Check! Finished in the Aft Stateroom I really have no sewing background at all!  But somehow... give a girl a Sailrite and she'll make you... well, whatever you want!  This time, it's mosquito screens/sunshade for the overhead hatches! Hatch open - the Read more [...]

Boat Curtain Styles

When you are thinking about decorating the interior of your boat, curtains can play a big role in creating the feel for your living space.  What style fits your boating lifestyle?  Formal pinch pleats? An easy cover on a bungee cord?   I’ve gathered some pictures of curtain styles as ideas to ponder in this blog post and on my Pinterest Boat Curtains Board.  Also listed below are some blogs by others who have done a great job documenting their curtain projects and some companies that offer curtain tracks and materials. Each boat is so unique.  Port lights are often at an angle as opposed to your windows at home. The track or method of hanging the curtains will play a role in defining your style also.  Do you want them hanging Read more [...]