Boat Covers

Assuming that we are bypassing the question of leaving the boat in the water or putting it on the hard, boats in colder weather climates will likely benefit from a winter boat cover.  We’ll also bypass the debate on shrink-wrap vs. a reusable cover since one reader specifically asked about making a reusable boat cover.  A cover can be a great tool for reducing wear on the boat in any weather if you won’t be using it for long periods of time as well.

It looks like the key to a successful covering is the frame you use underneath.  The Practical Sailor article and the blog noted below describe that.  Also be sure you have a way to get some air flowing through the boat periodically over the winter to avoid dreaded mildew come spring.

Our canvas fabricator (yes, I use one for really big projects) says as a small shop he likes to get orders for boat covers well in advance – several months in fact.  He can’t whip one up if you come to him in October!  So that means plan ahead.

Here are a few resources that I found.  Who else has information on boat covers to contribute?

Canvas for Cruisers by Gifford has a 12 page section on considerations when designing a cover, patterning and making a cover. ($5, 13 pages)

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