Apron On Board?

20150918_145127Aprons bring up thoughts of grandmothers, home economists, and Thanksgiving for me.  My friends know that I am not a great cook though I am a home economist.  I “assemble” ok though.  The Captain is probably the better cook on board. He does great grill and grill bread.   So when I made a simple apron out of recycled sail cloth not too long ago, I got a funny look. “When was the last time you wore an apron?”  Well, it was probably back on land when I made chocolate truffles for a Chocolate Valentines Day Party.  I didn’t have one on board anyway.  Maybe now that I have one, I’ll wear one.

Sail Cloth Apron

This is a very easy project taking about 1-2 hours.


–Sail cloth or other fabric with some weight

Binding – 5-8 yards of binding


–Cut an apron shape out of the material.  It can be square or longish.

–Add a pocket or decorative detail if you want.

–Using a binder attachment, add the binding across the top.  Then add binding starting at one side leaving a yard or so off each end for ties around the neck.

–Make binding ties for the sides and stitch those on.

Happy cooking!

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