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Androsia Pillows on Magnolia

I enjoy finding new and unique fabrics during our travels and first wrote a post about “fabrics along the way” here. When we were in the Bahamas last winter I fell in love with the iconic Androsia hand-crafted batik fabrics designed and made exclusively in the Bahamas on the island of Andros.  These cotton fabrics just speak to me saying, “You’re in the Bahamas, mon!” and instantly transport you there.  You can buy the fabric by the yard and find many items of clothing and household items made of these colorful fabrics at stores throughout the islands.  I knew I had to have some of this fabric.  I had passed it up on a previous Bahamas cruise.  Now how to choose which fabric and what to make?  Why not pillows to perk up the saloon. I loved the red-one of my favorite colors.  Later when we were in Hope Town, Abacos there was a red cotton with the Hope Town Elbow Reef Lighthouse design! Nothing says Hope Town more than its historic lighthouse.

Androsia Pillows on Mandala
Androsia Pillows on Mandala

Our friend, Nancy, on Mandala bought this beautiful navy Androsia fabric with lobster and fish designs.  So appropriate for our fishing friends with whom we spent wonderful weeks snorkeling and exploring in the Bahamas (and later in the Chesapeake Bay).   I can see Nancy and Ron enjoying these great pillows in their comfy saloon.  And I look forward to seeing the pillows in person when we meet up again.

These pillow covers are super easy to make.  They are basically an envelope with an end that folds over the opening on the back.  Instructions are here in a previous blog about making pillows.

The Androsia story is one of a business started in 1973 to make a truly unique Bahamian product, employ  Bahamians, and promote commerce and good will.  You can even visit the factory when you are in Andros, which I hope to do one day.  The Bahamian saying the on the Androsia website is one to which we all could aspire:  “May we be strangers no more”.

Elbow Reef Lighthouse in Hope Town, Abacos





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