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I’ve been sewing since my teens (yes, just a few years ago) and come from a family of seamstresses.   While I’m not a professional seamstress, I’ve had several courses, even a garment construction lab in college (that 5 hour “A” helped my GPA).  My sewing experience focused mostly on clothing and a few curtains and household craft projects.  I also make jewelry and molded chocolate truffles (yum!).  I’m finding that sewing on canvas is a bit different, but I’m using the basic sewing concepts I was taught.  Now that my husband and I own our second boat, I’m sewing for her. Some practical projects and some for improved “livability”.

You can read more about Magnolia and our antics at www.a2baker.com.


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  1. Annette, I saw on The Boat Galley site your blog and that you’re going south this fall. My husband, Phil, and I are going south for the 2nd time to the Bahamas. We plan to do some cruising in the Chesapeake Bay on our way down and always love to meet people along the way. I also have been a long time sewer and have, with my husband, sewn the canvas on our boat S/V Changes. Would love to hook up privately. Please send me an email if you’re interested.


    1. Lorraine, Thanks for visiting Seamless Sailor and thanks for saying hello. I’ll be in touch! -Annette

  2. Hi, Annette, I just came to your site from the Pardeys’ & am glad to find someone who’s sewing for their boat, I need the help! I also make a bit of jewelry, such a great activity that takes up little space (unless you can’t resist the beads, like me.) Anyway I was trying to sign up for your blog but the “Follow” button on the lower right of the page would not work, so I’m signing up here. thx!

  3. Thanks for checking in and letting me know about the Follow button. I’ll see what’s up there. Hopefully you’ll find some sewing answers or ask some questions! I also do some beading (and yes can’t resist just a few more although I’m trying to pare down). Maybe we can branch out to a few beading blog posts too?!

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