2017-10-01—Gaining Steam–Week 12

We had a very good week aboard Magnolia. We are starting to get some real momentum behind our efforts.


Early in the week the interior cushions came back from upholstery. The three of us, remember our designer (arbiter) Robbin selected a creame Ultra leather for the Saloon..yes its really called the Saloon.


We used a small pattern Sunbrella material on the Pilothouse Settee. We used the same material on the Sewing Room Settee.


Staying with fabrics look what the Admiral made! It our big fish shower curtain!


Back to the technical, got our new run cables labeled and catalogued. Hopefully sooner than later the cable run access places will go back on and either us or some future owner will now where and how things are wired.


In addition our radar arrived. We selected the Raymarine Quantum Chirp. Cannot believe how much things change. All you really need is to add power! It is connected to the network via WIFI. Now being old school I ordered the optional data cable. We will experiment with the WIFI capability.


I also got the the television antenna modified  and dry fit. On the Morgan have the antenna below the top of the mast caused for some blind reception spots. I am hopeful that getting it above mast top will eliminate that problem. In addition you can see we have the new VHF & AIS antennas but waiting on new mounts as well as LED masthead light.


It seems old electronics are larger in physical size so as we are updating those need to hide and over over some holes. Since completely refinishing the helm was outa scope a simple solution of Plexiglas over lays should get us by. A little harsh but will have to work.


Just one more time I am grateful to my Jack Tennar multi-tool. You will have to wait till next week for installation.


While the Admiral was turning out labels she made new ones to replace the hand written white tapes.


Friday ended with getting the radar mounted on the mast….


which made it time for a perfect happy hour on board with our 34 degree ice cold beer!


But since we don’t weekends off, I started looking into the last mile wiring for the electronics…well as you can see I got some work to do in the name of cleanup….


Every blog needs a food picture and this is actually how we ended out week, Sunday Dinner via the Admiral…nice work


Looking forward to the progress this week….stay tuned

3 thoughts on “2017-10-01—Gaining Steam–Week 12

  1. Are you sure you’re not in the fix and flip business? Reminds me of those real estate shows where they fix the house up! It all looks wonderful! Can’t wait to see it in person when you make it to Campbell’s Creek! Would love to pick your brains if we end up with a trawler. You have so many good ideas.

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