2016-01-08 Life Goes On


Well the anemometer tells the whole story. We have had everything from 0 to 55. I have to say 55 on a boat is one hell of a ride! For my friend in the mid-atlantic, remember that derecho that came through in 2012? Well we had one come through here. It was crazy!. Thankfully boats have been slow in getting south so the harbor not nearly congested as usual. None the less many boats dragged anchor and crashed into each other. Magnolia lost her anchor and thankfully we were able to get out into deep water without colliding with anyone. Annette did a great job at the helm. Once in deep water and away from the crowds I dropped the spare anchor. Things settled down till about 3am when the interior of Magnolia was lit up by a arriving cargo ship as it passed real close by. We got underway first thing in the morning returning to our anchorage. It was not long in the dinghy that I spotted the chain and with friends help anchor and chain was reattached to Magnolia. It was a heck of a night but our mentors prepared us well and where mistakes were made we got lucky.

Since the death of my laptop blogs have been slow. I am writing this one on my cell phone. Will work on the process. I will try and write more often than recent. Be safe!

3 thoughts on “2016-01-08 Life Goes On

  1. Geez….your adventure sounds pretty nerve wracking. I’m sure it was, but glad you guys weathered the storm.Guess you can say you just added some extra adventure and experience under your belt this time. Take care.

  2. What a ride that must have been! Congrats on retrieving your hook and chain; not many chandleries down there. Looking forward to hearing about it in person.

  3. Happy to see that you are alright. Here in Treasure Cay, not much happened…….except the steady 25-30 kn wind which last forever !
    Hope the bad weather is behind now.

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