2015-10-25–Getting My Head Around the Last Couple of Weeks

After Magnolia anxiously waited for hurricane Joaquin to pass by and remaining unscathed we were grateful and looking forward to visiting our friends Joe & Christine in Southport, NC and then heading back to D.C. for my cousins wedding.

We had a terrific visit with Joe and Christine who always make us feel so very welcomed every time we visit. This visit was not different! Thank you so very much.

Our next planned stop was Myrtle Beach, SC where we planned to leave Magnolia while we returned to DC for the wedding. As we traveled south we became aware that because of the floods we were unable to get under the bridge 1 mile before the marina we planned to leave Magnolia. “Are you kidding me?” We normally have 5 feet to spare but with 7 feet of flood waters we were out of luck. As were looking for a place to leave Magnolia we received a message that the father of the groom passed away. Oh no! We found a place to leave Magnolia and then called to get a rental car to drive back to DC. We found out because of the floods there were no cars to be found in SC. “Are you kidding me?”  Our friends Joe & Christine were so very kind to come pick us up and take is back to NC where we could get a car. We were off immediately for DC for whatever awaited or how we might help but at least to celebrate the marriage of my cousin and his finance. After arriving in DC the grooms mother passed away 4 days after her husbands. I am not kidding you…

After celebrating a lovely weekend wedding and spending time with my cousins and other family we returned to Magnolia and found our friends Al & Michelle of MV Kindred Spirit at the marina upon our return. Joe and Christine drove back down and the 6 of us spent a lovely evening of camaraderie which was exactly what the doctor ordered.


Magnolia & Kindred Spirit both proceeded on to Charleston where we arrived this afternoon. I will be heading back to Washington for the weekend while the Admiral Annette looks after Magnolia. Prayers gladly welcomed and appreciated.

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  1. watched alot of yachts of the truest sort steaming down the intracoastal this weekend. the season is upon us. made me think of you guys. you guys plan a time for vero yet? your story reminded me of how precious life is. blessings to all.

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