2014-05-20 Week #1 in the Yard

Magnolia arrived the West River last week on Tuesday and took the opportunity to anchor out in the river avoiding the start of our “maintenance availability” for an additional 12 hours. The next morning we hoisted the anchor aboard and went into our slip at Hartges Yacht Harbor. It was cool wet morning yet it was nice to be coming “home” to the marina we know the best!




While we were still at anchor I reminded the Admiral we needed the make sure we backed into the slip so we could have some work done on the stern davits. In general sailboats don’t back very well and Morgan’s make most look terrific at backing! Admiral did some research and came up with a spring line arrangement that would be ideal for our circumstances and she executed perfectly!


We got Magnolia settled and I went after getting the cockpit grates stripped and varnished. The maintenance list we arrived with was long and numerous so time is of the essence to make sure we are ready to go at the end of June.



One of the major tasks is the installation of a HAM radio. The first component to install was the antenna tuner which was installed in the stern lazarette.


Below is the counter-poise antenna ground laid out on the lazarette deck.



The tasks aboard Magnolia are important but the really important stuff is happening ashore with meeting up with family and friends. Our first visit was with my great Aunt and Uncle Jim and Mona. Mona is my Grandmother Lavera’s youngest sister. Always a pleasure to spend time with them!



We then went on to visit with my cousin George and his family. Always a great time!


Back aboard Magnolia we continue to race the clock to complete our list in the allotted 6 weeks! So far, so good but will keep you apprised!

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