2014-05-09–Why we think we are lucky!

We have met many people on our adventure to the Bahamas but three boats Mandala, Eleanor Q and Magnolia have been together the most. As we prepared to depart the Exumas, Mandala continued on towards the Caribbean. Eleanor Q had departed to the Abacos already. We all knew we would catch up to each other but “when” was always the unknown.

Magnolia has been looking forward to meeting up with Eleanor Q before we returned to our respective homeports of Galesville and Annapolis MD but we received some unexpected news today. Mandala made and offshore dash into Norfolk. Not only will Eleanor Q be arriving Deltaville tomorrow but Mandala will as well.

The three boats have traveled a couple thousand miles together so to mimic MaryMarie from Eleanor Q, “we will have our nose pressed to the glass” tomorrow awaiting the arrival of our friends…and that is why we think we are lucky….and blessed too


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