2014-05-05 Dismal Swamp–Not Dismal!

Todays transit was one of the shortest of our entire voyage yet the richness of the scenery certainly made the difference. After pulling the anchor at 07:30 in order to make the 11:00 lock transit we were immediately surrounded by the area scenic beauty.

2014_05_05_17_45_29_AWB-047 - Copy - Copy

Not 2 more miles down the waterway did we come to our first head scratcher. Was the bridge really open like the books say? Our approach did not provide a clear view until we got right up on this train bridge.

2014_05_10_08_51_12_AWB-044 - Copy - Copy\2014_05_10_08_53_32_AWB-043 - Copy - Copy

2014_05_10_09_59_08_AWB-041 - Copy - Copy

This section is so curvy I nearly found myself leaning into the corners!

2014_05_05_17_49_24_AWB-038 - Copy - Copy

2014_05_10_10_45_44_AWB-035 - Copy - Copy

View the lock gates (closed) as we approach the south end of the lock which will raise Magnolia about 4 feet.

2014_05_05_17_51_11_AWB-032 - Copy - Copy

There were two other boats joining us for the “elevator” ride.

2014_05_05_17_53_59_AWB-027 - Copy

2014_05_05_17_54_27_AWB-026 - Copy

2014_05_05_17_54_48_AWB-025 - Copy

2014_05_05_17_55_00_AWB-024 - Copy

As the lock fills Magnolia is being raised.

2014_05_05_17_55_14_AWB-023 - Copy

The lockmaster with his able assistant.

2014_05_05_17_55_38_AWB-021 - Copy

Truth be told she did not lift a “paw” to help her boss!

2014_05_10_12_24_38_AWB-020 - Copy

2014_05_10_12_32_22_AWB-019 - Copy

2014_05_05_18_02_47_AWB-015 - Copy





The canal is so narrow the width of the mast blocks the entire view of navigable water!


Magnolia moored alongside at the Dismal Swamp Visitors Center.


After being on the boat for a couple days nothing feels better than a good leg stretching walk…also referred to as Forced Family Fun!




The Admiral enjoying a little time on the “Contemplation Bench”



Like I said, it was a short 22 mile day but VERY cool!


Portsmouth Virginia tomorrow.

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