2014-05-04 North Carolina–Most of the Way–Full Circle

Since our last update Magnolia covered about 250 miles and rounded the corner headed for the “barn.” After departing Southport, NC Magnolia had a number of terrific anchorages along the NC Coast highlighted by a visit with Annette’s cousin in Morehead City, NC.


The Marine Corps Camp Lejeune Base is along the coast and you never know what you are going to see during the transit. In this case we caught a V-22 Osprey flying around. Certainly one of the most unique aircraft flying!



Not sure if this Armored Personnel Carrier (w/Rocket Launcher) is abandoned, a target or simple lost. “Hey, did you guys loose a  Armored Personnel Carrier?”



As we traversed the Alligator-Pungo Canal we heard a friends boat named Exuberant on the VHF Radio. We have not seen them since Georgetown, Exuma Bahamas! What a small world.


Below is a panorama of our Alligator River Anchorage. 


As we are anchored this afternoon in Elizabeth City, NC it dawned on me that we will be back in “Virginia Waters” tomorrow. I cannot believe we have nearly completed the VERY FIRST PART of this adventure. (I must emphasize the FIRST PART because we are just getting started !) We will cross into Virginia, make stops in Portsmouth and Little Creek and into our homeport of Galesville, VA next week. We will be in the Washington DC area till early July catching up with chores and most important, spending time with family and friends. Its going to be a busy summer!!!  

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