2013-10-29–Bye Edenton, Hello Elizabeth City, NC

On our last day in Edenton we visited the Cupola House and Gardens. You were actually able to climb all the way to the Cupola for a wonderful view of the surrounding area. If you look closely you can see Magnolia’s mast above the trees center, right hand side of photo.




That evening we attended a wine tasting where we met a number of the locals who filled us even more on the town of Edenton.


Sadly it was time to leave and we were off to Elizabeth City NC. It was one of those long haul (50mile) days that we try and avoid but we made it just fine.


On the upside our friends MaryMarie and Frank from Eleanor Q (http://eleanorq.wordpress.com/) were there to meet us. It was great fun catching up with them. Like us they are members of the Inter-Coastal Waterway (ICW) Class of 2013. It is always great exchanging ideas, lessons and experiences. So much to learn!


The town of Elizabeth City sponsor a nice happy hour every day at the city dock. It is a great place to meet up with the cruisers and obtain great information about the town. The effort is much appreciated, “Thanks Elizabeth City.”


After hearing about Edenton Eleanor Q got underway there for a visit this morning.


Magnolia will be underway in the morning to head across the Albemarle for the Alligator River. We will remain at anchor there for a couple of days and then continue our trip south. 

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  1. Sooo good to be with you guys . . . and Edenton is everything you said it would be! Malcolm says hello. We told then you had sent us. He said, “Oh! They said their replacements were on the way!!” Too funny.

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