2012-03-09 Yup, and wood too!

You have to hand it to that “Jack!” “He is like a Jack of all trades and a master on none!” The one thing  he does pretty well is wood and that exactly what I got to do this weekend. Here’s “Jack” taking a little mid job coffee break and enjoying a day on the boat since the temperatures were well into the high 50s, what a treat!


I have never been a mechanical person, pretty good understanding of electrical but little practical experience but wood is definitely my medium of choice. I did not think about it till this moment by if you want to get a well rounded skill set get a boat! This winter I have done a little bit of everything!

For some reason, beyond my level of understanding they call the wood strip on the horizontal bulkhead ceiling. As I said above I know a little about a lot of things and even some rocket science but why they call stuff on the wall ceiling, well that is what we call in the trade, “black magic!”


Now this is simply pedestrian wood work, not like pulling up a cap-rail like Dani did on S/V Sundowner! The job started with having some Ash lumber milled into strips and then using a hand sander I rounded off the edges to similar style as the existing ceiling.


I don’t have an adjustable miter box so after making a template and giving thanks the after bulk head was a consistent angle (about 56degrees) it was a pretty straightforward job to cut and fit


The boards are just dry fit right now, have to wait a couple more weeks until temperatures are a little more consistent before I can glue and finish them.

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