2019-12-01 — Brunswick GA, Jacksonville FL, Ortega Landing — Thanksgiving Edition

Magnolia departed Brunswick on a cool wet morning with a stretch goal to get down near Jacksonville on the St Johns River so off we went.

We had a pretty good run down to the St Johns River. The one caveat “we” need to remember is the small section in ST Catherines Sound that is kind of (really exposed) in the midst of a north-east wind! Note to self….

In the end we made the trip fine and spent an evening at anchor behind Blount Island off the St Johns River.

The following day we had an easy trip over to Ortega River and Ortega Landing Marina. Our friends on Confetti had made arrangements for us and several other crews to volunteer at a local homeless shelter / soup kitchen. A humbling experience for sure…

Back aboard Magnolia I always have a “big” project I accomplish when we are at the dock for a length of time. This stops project is a lite sanding and a couple coats of varnish on the teak cap-rail.

I did a major job on the cap-rail last year but just wanted to add a maintenance and at the same time improve my application skill. Bottom line, I need more practice though I did better than last year!

Next up was celebrating Thanksgiving. Ortega Landing Marina catered Turkey & Hams and the boats provided the side dishes. Below is our friends Mack & Vicki (Confetti) with their daughter Lucy.

On “Black Friday’ we went back to work at the soup kitchen again. I have to say I “hear” how some people assert the less fortunate are just living off the dole or living off the system etc.I will tell you straight out there was only one person out of about 150 I met that I “felt’ was really working the systems and projected a entitlement attitude. Only one, everyone else was as appreciative as you could be believe. For me this opportunity was a good and humbling experience. This idea people generally want to live off the government I feel is complete BS but thats just my opinion.

We will be heading for St Augustine and then further down the coast next week. We really don’t know where we will be for Christmas yet. Just have to play by ear. Hope this finds everyone safe and well!

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