2019-05-31 Chesapeake Bay, Solomons, Wye River & Magnolia Heading For The Barn In Galesville, MD

Passing near by Thimble Shoal Lighthouse near Hampton, VA (
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thimble_Shoal_Light )

Typical spring weather on the Chesapeake…afternoon thunderstorm threat. Magnolia made the passage from Hampton to Reedsville, VA and then following day onto Solomons Island. MD.

Solomons Island is on the Patuxent River just north of the Potomac River. Test question: What historic role does the Patuxent River play in US history? (Answer at end of post)

We stopped in Solomons to attend some medical appointments in DC. The upside of the schedule was visiting with relatives. We had a terrific evening with cousin George and GenIV MaryRose along with cousins Dan & Lori.

Annette also had the time to visit with the ladies as well. Meg, Carol, Lori and Annette. We are so blessed to have friends that have stayed with us despite the crazy life style.

We were also able to connect with Chris and Melody. Though our crusing paths have not crossed outside of Solomons and each of our travels have been distant….it is still nice to connect once again.

In addition they were speaking at the Pentagon Sailing Club so it was great to share in that event as well!

Though somehow the picture escaped us…we were blessed to share time with Sail-Runaway. Matt & Marty took us in off the street. We always have a great time!

Annette kept busy in the sewing room. This is the fabric that Annette made during our visit to Andros Bahamas.

There were sail bags to produce as well. These are the much sought after ‘Bowline Bag!”

Annette is the only person I know who can make a bowl with a sewing machine. Granted it is interlaced with Andros Fabrics.

Departing Solomon Island we traveled north to Deale MD to top up the fuel tanks before heading for New England later next month. After taking on 175 gallons we headed east to the Wye River.

The Wye River is is located on Marylands Eastern Shore and rather remote. A lovely place to get away from it all. Well almost all. Our second day this sail boat came in and anchored near us rather than where one might expect a 1/4 mile to the east!!! Oh well, he must have been lonely.

The one bad thing about the Chesapeake Bay is the how little access there is since so much of the land is privately owned. Here in the Wye there are a couple place to go ashore for a walk,

A lovely loop around the park with plenty of green.

The big reason were in the Wye was to participate in the Pentagon Sailing Club Memorial Day Raft-up . We actually do not raft -up but anchor nearby and dinghy to the raft.

It was a great turn out as you can see….

Our friends on SV Bootlegger were obviously awake long before we were….thank you Sean & Laurie

Sean & Laurie

Mike & Tina

Anthony & Annette

We had a wonderful weekend and it was great to catch up with friends. It was time to head into Galesville for a few chores, visit friends and a few appointments. Life is pretty darn good and grateful to be living it.

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