2019-04-24 — Jacksonville Northbound

After catching our breath in Jacksonville, technically Mayport we headed up the ICW to Cumberland Island GA. One of our top stops along the ICW.

Lots of work being done on Navy Ships along the St Johns River
First time I have had a good view of a Littoral Combat Ship. Actually has nice lines.

Many people speak poorly of the ICW even referring to it as a mud-puddle. We enjoy the relaxed pace and have the patience to successfully transit without a lot of stress. We just pull over and drop the anchor. An example is the notoriously bad shoaling near Fernandina Beach. We knew would have high tide the next morning so we just pulled over, fired the BBQ and spent a lovely evening. The next morning we transited the area with no fuss or musss. The most dangerous thing on a boat???? A schedule….

We have for years gotten in the habit of anchoring near the south end of Cumberland Island also known as “SeaCamp.” Keeping with this years mantra of trying new things we went up to the north end of the island to an area known as Plumb Orchard.

As we dropped the hook the welcoming committee came out to greet us. I was extra careful to stay on the boat while I was dropping the anchor.

We had a lovely visit and met up with a volunteer docent who came all the way from Washington State to volunteer there.

Magnolia keeping watch anchored off the Plum Orchard Estate. If you wish to learn more about the estate visit:

Next stop, Brunswick GA

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