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Canvas Jerry Can Covers–Take II

Three more jerry cans arrived on deck when we were in George Town, Exuma which meant sewing more covers to add to our can cover collection.  We like the canvas covers to help reduce the UV deterioration of the jugs which store extra water and fuel on deck.   I decided to try an improved cover design over the initial ones I made which I posted about here.  I’m sorry Julie Gifford that I ever doubted you.  For the first covers I thought I could bypass one of the steps outlined in Julie's book, Canvas for Cruisers. This time I took her advice and  had a much better outcome.  One should listen to the professionals.  Lesson learned. The Captain says this is a fairly standard water jug with handles on the top and side Read more [...]

Cap It – Teak Cap Rail Covers

After you spend a lot of time or a lot of money on teak cap rail brightwork -- sanding, varnishing wood -- you want to show them off as they shine in the sun.  Folks come by the dock admiring your shiny cap rails and “oh and ah”.  But wait.  You’ve just invested your time or money to get them that bright and shiny.  How long do you want them to stay that way?  A good while, right?  Sun with its UV threat will have its way with your teak.  You might consider canvas covers, at least while the boat is not in use at the dock.  We saw these cap rail covers in a Charleston marina.  Pretty nice, huh? Notice that Magnolia doesn’t have these covers – yet. A few references that might be of help: -- In a Sailrite forum Read more [...]

Seamless Sailors Meet Up

Anthony and I had the great pleasure of meeting a fellow Seamless Sailor, Drena, and her husband, JR, from S/V Journey in Cocoa, Florida. We had a delightful happy hour aboard Magnolia and dinghy'ed ashore for a sushi dinner at Thai Thai.  It was great to meet in person after several email exchanges and following each others blogs.  What fun to exchange sailing and sewing stories as we are all relative newbies.  They are making their dream happen with their cat, Leo, aboard their O'Day . Drena is sewing aboard with a Husqvarna Viking machine.  I sewed on these very nice machines in high school Home Ec classes (dating myself again).  She has written some posts about her sewing projects and has moderated a Monkey Fist topic Read more [...]

Covering It Up – Jerry Can Covers

March 2014 - Updated post on Jerry Can Covers here. I recently made three jerry can covers - two were for the same sized cans for diesel and one for water.  The plastic jugs can degrade in the sunlight, so covers are a worthwhile project.  I started with Julie Gifford's directions in Canvas for Cruisers.  I decided to make a few modifications.  She recommends hemming the bottom after sewing the side seam.  I decided to just pin it and hem at the end after I added the top. I didn’t add any darts as Julie recommends as our jerry cans didn’t really need that tight a fitting on the top.  I basically made a rectangular top.   Adding the top was a bit of a guessing game.  Added and pinned and re-pined then closed my eyes and Read more [...]

Chart Covers

When we had the new enclosure made I asked the fabricator for some of the old vinyl knowing how expensive it can be.  I thought there should be enough of it in reasonable shape to use to recycle into a new chart cover.  The chart cover that came with our chart is flimsy and gets ripped a bit more each time we use it.  I had taped the sides about as much as I could.  The new one is pretty tough since the vinyl I'm guessing is 30 or 40 gauge.  It's a bit heavy.  You probably don't need 40 gauge!  I made it and extra 1-2 inches larger than the chart to make sure it would be easy to get the chart in and out.  It was a pretty straightforward project. Materials: - Vinyl leftovers (12-20 gauge should work well) - Binding - Large Read more [...]

Cover It Up – Sailrite Cover

To err is human... This post is one of the ongoing series of cover projects.  We moved my Sailrite aboard Magnolia into prime real estate on the "workbench" in the passageway leading aft.  The Captain again suggested  a cover.  Ok, no problem.  A cover with an opening for the handle. Away I went with extra Sunbrella I had on hand.  I measured the lid (note that I said lid) at least three times using the rule of measure three times, cut once.  This is where I confess to my mistake.  Also note that I made this cover several week ago and I can only now write about it.  I was so mad at myself for the mistake I am about to admit to that I snapped at the Captain.  I really try not to do that. So back to the story.  I made the Read more [...]