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Mosquito Screens

This guest post is by Tammy Swart reprinted with permission from her blog "What We Did Today".  She is a wonderful Seamless Sailor taking on a variety of sewing projects aboard Dos Libras.  She just dives right in to design solutions on their Morgan 45 sailboat.  And she does a nice job of documenting her work.  Here she's sharing her post on keepin' the bugs out so that Seamless Sailors can benefit from her work. Thanks, Tammy!   Mosquito Screens - Check! Finished in the Aft Stateroom I really have no sewing background at all!  But somehow... give a girl a Sailrite and she'll make you... well, whatever you want!  This time, it's mosquito screens/sunshade for the overhead hatches! Hatch open - the Read more [...]