My LSZ-1

Sewing Machine Maintenance – Takin’ Care of Business

My LSZ-1
My LSZ-1

Sewing Machine Maintenance.  Gotta get it done.

– I admit it.  I abused my sewing machine.  I neglected it.  It started making sounds that didn’t sound good – sorta metal on metal.  But I have redeemed myself.  I took it apart and cleaned and oiled it.  It wasn’t that hard.  I read the Sailrite manual and watched the video.  You can do it too.  It just takes a screwdriver, paper towels, and sewing machine oil.  Test it on some scraps before your next project for any residual oil.  Don’t abuse your machine. Take care of it before each big project.  If it’s happy, you’ll be happy.

-Watch needle size for the project at hand.  I recently broke a needle on several layers of webbing.  My bad as I was using too small a needle for the task.

– Learn how to change the retaining ring cap around the bobbin case if you are skipping stitches or breaking thread. If you have a needle strike that harms the cap you’ll notice the problem with stitches.  It’s doable by taking out the bobbin case and the surrounding ring held by the two black tabs.  I keep these caps in spares.

When did you last take on  machine maintenance?  Did you do it yourself?

LSZ-1 Bobbin Area
LSZ-1 Bobbin Area with retaining ring removed from behind the black tabs
Retaining ring and cap
Retaining ring and cap

2 thoughts on “Sewing Machine Maintenance – Takin’ Care of Business

  1. Hi! New follower with a new boat here! I have 2 machines, one is a hefty vintage Husqvana from the 70s, without reverse. It is a true beast. And I just got a new, affordable, basic Brother that was about $80. To be honest, I have not used either one much at all, just did a few tests and they run fine. I hope to redo my settee cushions and several other projects. Which would you suggest I take cruising with me? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

    1. Welcome, Melissa. Glad you found Seamless Sailor. Interesting question you pose. I have a 1959 Singer and my Sailrite, but I only have my Sailrite aboard. I figured I’d need the machine that could do the heavier canvas work. I can do some lighter weight fabric projects on the Sailrite too with smaller needles etc. Sounds like you did some testing. Might want to try a few more projects and go with the more versatile machine. My guess is that it will be the heavier one. Husqvanas are good machines. I used to sew on one and a friend has a newer one. But if the Brother works well it could have advantages as I’m assuming its lighter and smaller. You probably won’t go wrong either way. You’ll just be glad you have a machine aboard when you need it! -Annette

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