2010-05-17 Magnolia Update

Sunday 2230
Magnolia is anchored in 15ft of water along the ICW 66 miles NE of Morehead City, NC. Have a lond day planned for Monday and a passage through Norfolk, VA on Tuesday and arrival in Galesville, MD likely on thursday.

Forgot to mention that Neptune has provided us Dolphin Guardians through the entire journey. Within minutes of leaving the dock in Tampa we had our first siting and even today 25 miles inland we were watched over. The water here is more fresh than salt so no Dolphins here at anchor but hope to see more in Norfolk.

Vessel and crew are well.

2010-05-15 More from Moorehead City, NC

After three days at offshore, we ducked into Moorehead City, NC today Saturday about 2pm. Speaking of ducks that’s Anthony’s new nickname because he’s such a lucky duck. Greg’s new nickname is Eeyore. He’s always concerned about what might go wrong. Not a bad thing because we have now have spares just in case at Greg’s recommendation.

Wednesday was so choppy that I went from Dramamine to Scopolamine patch promptly. I wasn’t of much use at all. Thursday the sea laid down making it much more tolerable. Friday was more of the same. We had prepared some dinners in advance in Ft. Lauderdale so we ate well despite the seas and the heat of the day and oven. Dolphins visit each day. And a bird hitched a ride for awhile too. A flying fish made an unfortunate landing on our deck this morning. The sea was a deep sapphire color out in the gulf stream (so deep our depth meter didn’t register) and changed to a vivid green as we got back to shallower waters along the coast. The stream added 2-3 knots to our boat speed. Much appreciated. Not much boat traffic at night – just a bit to test our boat light id skills or rather build them.

Tomorrow we’ll refuel diesel and water and head up the ICW avoiding going around Cape Hatteras. That will mean no night watches since we won’t be offshore; we’ll anchor at night. (Insert happy dance here.) It also means that we may not arrive in Galesville until Thursday.

All is well here. We are over halfway home. No thoughts of jumping ship at this point. We are all having a good time and learning a lot. We even had ice cream for dessert tonight. Safety first then keep the crew happy says Captain Duck. Best to all, Annette

2010-05-15 Magnolia….Rocketship??

Thur 1000am
Magnolia stood down in Ft Lauderdale on Monday afternoon and Tuesday, getting underway on Wed morning. There were a couple maintenance issues to deal with and getting around South Florida crew and vessel needed a nap.

The forecast for south FL was calling for strong easterlies through the weekend. Since the forecast was fixed the only option was for Magnolia to slog east out of the channel and get as far north as quick as we could on Wed. In the last 18hrs Magnolia has had 7hrs of 9knt plus averages and blasted through a 100nm 12 hour run. All by the way under a double reefed main and partial jib. She appears really likes a strong wind and a reef or two. We are currrently 86nm miles east of Daytona Beach and will pass Charelston tonight around 2200. Anticipate Beaufort, NC late on Saturday evenning do not know yet whether we will be able to make it around Hatteras or be forced into the Intercostal Waterway for trip into the Chesapeake Bay.

Do not expect to have cell coverage till tommorow so will send out then. Magnolia and Crew well and hope you are as well.

Be Safe

2010-05-11 Honest facts so far…according to Annette

Here are the facts I know so far…
-This is only the delivery. This is only the delivery. My mantra of the trip.
-I don’t hate sailing or the boat-yet.
-I have only wanted to sell the boat and get a plane home once or twice.
-I am willing to keep going knowing that the more experience I get and the more used to the new environment I get the more I will develop confidence. With more confidence I’ll enjoy it all more.
-It’s not bad at all at the dock especially with decent showers.
-It’s stinking hot in south Florida in May and even hotter on the dock at noon. I didn’t know I could sweat so much.
-Four hour watches are ok. You can’t fall asleep if you are standing. Naps are encouraged which is good.
-You can have as many boat pretzels (peanut butter centers) as you want on watch. (Thanks, Suzanne for introducing us to boat pretzels.)
-We couldn’t have done this ourselves. We are currently in over our heads.
-We are extremely fortunate to have our friends, Greg and Marie, helping us.
-My husband is about as happy as I’ve seen him and that is worth a lot.

2010-05-09 Midwatch #2 aboard Magnolia

Magnolia is currently motor sailing off Key Largo in the Hawk Channel under single reefed main. We have 273nm under our keel thus far. I have not had the opportunity to upload a track yet but will try to do so on Monday. We are making good progress with excellent weather thus far. Conditions on Tuesday look unfavorable are planning to head into a marina on monday evenning likely in Lake Worth-Palm Beach area. Weds conditions will improve.

Greg and Marie have been excellent and have shared their 30 plus years of sailing experience. They live full time on a boat of this very size. It was very nice of them to leave their boat and come sailing to make sure Magnolia finds her way home safely.

Prior to departing Tampa we took delivery of our Caribe 9ft Dingy. We have named her Blossom. I am sure you see my finger prints all over this naming thing!! Blossom is currently hoisted aboard and resting comfortable on the fore deck.

All for now!!! Have to go navigate!!